Monday, July 29, 2013

"The solar park lighting installations are specifically designed to illuminate walkways in parks and their design along with the overlapping form ensures that maximum light is projected onto the walkways. The slighting units have a photovoltaic panel on the top along with eight LED lights on the inside, which will ensure that the energy produced is used in the most efficient fashion possible. A 9V battery will store the energy produced during daytime and should easily power the LED lights till the next dawn arrives.
The interesting aspect of these solar lighting units is the usage of motion sensors. We are not sure if they will enable the switching on and off lights only when someone walks right in front of the installations or if they are used for any other purpose. If they are only for walkways in parks, then such a system is perfectly fine as there is no point in keeping the lights on all night long in a park when no one is around. Another wonderful example of smart design and green technologies going hand in hand to create a sustainable product."

"Eight-nine per cent of Ontarians feel their communities would benefit environmentally and economically by incorporating green alternatives, according to a new survey conducted by Research House. Green product manufacturers and suppliers may look into upcoming community development projects such as public parks and community centres for potential collaboration opportunities"
  • "6 per cent of respondents feel municipalities could do more to ensure shared community spaces such as parks and recreation centres incorporate environmentally friendly products."
  • "94 per cent also agreed that new residential and commercial developments could include more green products, such as eco-friendly roofing and patio solutions."
  • "93 per cent feel companies should make greater investments in the research and development of environmentally sustainable building materials."
  • "83 per cent of respondents feel investment in green building and product solutions is just as important as investing in major healthcare, military and technology sectors."

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